How Payday Loans Work

We’re here to help you get there.


1. Submit Your Loan Inquiry

Determine your loan amount, submit your loan inquiry now, and provide basic information about yourself.


2. Quick Approval

Approvals can happen quickly! Online loans make money available to you the next day. 

3. Get Your Cash

Once approved, your money is deposited into the bank account of your choice, typically within one business day.

Black positive male instructor help female trainee to do exercises for flexibility, stand at stairs against white wall, have happy expressions, dressed in sportswear. People, sport and training concept is a dependable direct lender marketplace of cash loans that evaluates your information in real-time and works to quickly provide approvals – sometimes within seconds. Our providers treat each loan with the care each customer deserves. We know that times can be tough and the last thing you need is the hassle of dealing with a lengthy loan inquiry or slow approval response. 


Prior Bankruptcy

As long as your case is discharged, your information and loan inquiry can be evaluated for approval.


New Job?

Did you just start a new job? Our lenders re-evaluate your account each time you bring new information, and some lenders will approve you even if your haven’t been at your job long enough yet to have direct deposit.



What do I need to qualify?

Qualifications are different across different states and different lenders, but typically you will need to be at least 18 years of age, not an active military member, have a valid bank account and a job or retirement income.

How can I submit my loan inquiry?

Submit your loan inquiry by simply completing the form here on our site and you will be contacted right away if your inquiry is accepted.


How much can I borrow?

Each customer's situation is different and the only way to determine what is right for you is to process the loan inquiry completely. Loans are available up to $5,000 but the final amount is based upon several factors and is up to the lenders' discretion.


What are your days and hours of operation?

We accept loan inquiries 24 / 7. You can submit your information for consideration at any time.


Do you check my credit rating?

While most lenders only run a soft credit pull to determine your loan eligibility, some lenders may pull credit at their discretion. 


Are your services confidential?

We protect our site and it’s users by utilizing an SSL certificate, DDOS Protection, Two-Step verification, and a VPN server setup. Virtual Private Servers partition a segment of server space to stop breaches from other sites effecting themselves.

Payday loan problem solved!


The operator of is not a lender and is not involved with the approval of loan inquires. Submitting your information on this site connects you with a lender marketplace where multiple lenders consider your request. Not all inquiries or requests for extensions are approved or receive the maximum amount requested or permitted.

Notice: Payday advances and short-term installment loans should only be used for short-term financial needs, and not as a long-term financial solution. Consumers experiencing financial difficulty should seek credit counseling.


The quickest way to get the information you need is to complete the loan inquiry which you can find here. If you are having a problem viewing our site, or
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